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Translation subtitling is more than a word-for-word translation. When it comes to subtitling, we want to make certain that the message of your footage reaches the foreign audiences as the screenwriter intended. Our subtitle translators have to understand the the context and the meaning of the original version, in order to perfectly convey it in the target language. They also take into account the technical parameters, such as reading speed, timing and characters-per-line limits, so that the result matches the style of the original content.


We will make sure that the translated dialogue will have the same flavor and style as the original content of your film, ad, tutorial, series or documentary. Our subtitle translators are heedful of the linguistic and cultural norms, so that the original content is properly translated into the target language.

In case your footage does not have the original transcript, you might want to check out our transcription services and get a quote.

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